What We Do

Below is a description of the kind of work we do. Check out our blogs for examples of the some of this work ...or the ones we think are the most interesting. If you're not sure if we can do it, just ask us!

Corporate and Commercial Identification
Whether it’s a fabricated sign to identify where you are in the street to a logo or name identifying where you are in the building, we offer a comprehensive range of signage options that cater for the majority of needs.

We provide signage in:
  • Fabricated perspex, alumina, metal and a range of other materials.
  •  Illuminated light boxes
  •  Vinyl cut logos and type
  • Painted outdoor signage
Digital Printing

For the past year we have been the proud owners of a wide format digital printer that we purchased as requests for digital printing became more common. With our printer we have wrapped vehicles, printed on canvas, printed and installed "wallpaper" style murals, printed banners (both hanging and pull-up banners) and used it for many more applications than we thought possible.

Vehicle and Fleet Identification

Anything from motorcycles to large delivery vehicles.

With the use of computer generated vehicle outlines, it is possible to create signage for any type of vehicle and see an image of the finished product, prior to commencement.

Whether working from an existing graphic or creating a graphic from scratch, we’re able to provide a comprehensive vehicle signage service with an efficient turn-around time.

Banners and Awnings

Banners            Pole Mounted, Wall Mounted, Track Mounted, Exhibitions

Banners are a cost-effective way of getting your message across. Whether it is for a bold promotional sale or for a corporate presentation, we can provide you with a range of options to suit any requirement.

We’re able to supply signwritten, computer lettered and printed banners at competitive prices with fast turnaround. In most instances, if requesting banners from a comprehensive range of standard dimensions, we can provide a price over the phone.

Awnings            Anything from existing on-site awnings and newly manufactured.

Whether you have an existing awning or are having one made, Vital Signs can sign it either way. We recommend that with new awnings you contact us well before installation as costs can be saved if signwriting is done during manufacture. We can recommend reliable manufacturers if required.

Promotional Signage

Whether you’re a single store requiring a sale sign or a chain of stores requiring ongoing promotional messages that can be used nationwide, we can assist you.

The promotional signage we provide includes:
  • Handwritten sale or promotional splashes
  •  Multiple decals for larger chains who require consistent signage for a number of outlets
  •  General point of sale, such as, promotional posters and tickets.

    Vital Signs currently service a number of high profile companies whose requirements range from large quantities of a single promotional message to one-off logo/decals. We understand the needs of large companies requiring prompt and consistent signage and are geared accordingly to provide this type of work. We feel our level of service in this area provides us with an edge over our competitors.