Friday, March 27, 2015

The Welcome Mural - City Of Yarra

Mid way through 2014 we completed a mural project on the walls of Post Office place in Richmond. Designed by Reko Rennie, and commissioned by  the Arts & Cultural Services Dept. of City Of Yarra, our brief from was to turn the idea into a finished work. Drawing on traditional signwriting skills we completed the work over 2 weekends with a small team of traditional signwriters - all using paint and brushes! The people we worked with at City of Yarra Arts & Cultural Services Dept.deserve a huge amount of credit for seeing this project through over a lengthy 6 month period. The public response has been positive and so was the response from our client.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


One of our most valued clients COMBI underwent a slight re-brand when they moved to their current premises in Elwood. With the talented Luke Henley in charge of design, Anthony and Penny created a seriously cool and popular place to "feed the soul" Our brief was to create a range of signs which started with fabricated 3D steel "raw" letters treated to rust over time. Next were the hand painted and signwritten timber panels dotted around the premises and last but not least, a steel framed timber clad light box internally illuminated with LED's. The end result is a testament to their commitment to creating something spectacular - and we love that they trust us to turn their ideas into a reality!