Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Union Club Hotel - Digital Print

Finished "Wallpaper" Digital Print applied to brick wall view from LHS

Finished "Wallpaper" Digital Print applied to brick wall

Work In Progress

Recently one of our long time customers, designers & illustrators Tin & Ed, approached us about a project at The Union Club Hotel in Fitzroy which involved the treatment of a 9m brick wall in their beer garden. Their brief was to supply a digital photographic print to cover this area. We printed this on super high tack print vinyl designed specifically for use on brick and hard to stick surfaces and over-laminated it with a matte clear. It took our intrepid installers a day to install after which we hand touched around the gas piping & any other little protrusions to really complete the job.

We think this has been a really successful collaboration with Glenn from The Union (happy), Tin & Ed (happy) and of course, we’re happy!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Gorski and Jones

Just recently, Meagan from Gorski and Jones Collingwood approached us to help with a bit of a re-brand of their restaurant signage in Smith Street. The brief was to sign the premises in a classic style to compliment the warm interior - something that had an ageless appeal. After Tyler had run up the layout we suggested 23k gold leaf as the medium with the main body of text highlighted with a drop black shade.
Using skills acquired in the old dart, Grant then completed the job over 3 – 4 days. Gilding requires several processes with drying time in between but with an extremely co-operative client it was one of those projects that was a real joy to be part of. Meagan from Gorski and Jones was extremely happy & we think that the end result exceeded her expectations.