Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Our Eco Statement

At Vital Signs we are a small manufacturer of a broad range of signage products which means it is necessary for us to use vinyl products for decals and digital printing and paints, amongst other products. We are concerned about our impact on the environment and are committed to the principles of REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE.

The things we currently do are:
  • Purchase vinyl products where the backing waste can be recycled
  • Re-use sign panels and banners where possible
  • Collect scrap vinyl and offer it to artists and students for projects ands also collect it (and other suitable waste products) for EXCHANGE Guardian Early Learning Group 
  • Re-use packaging such as vinyl cores, boxes and soft plastics for the distribution and transport of our signs
  • Purchase Momentum Smile Power
  • Use LED fluorescent tubes - over 78 of them to light our workshop and benches
  • Use low energy evaporative cooling when necessary
  • Only turn on the hot water heater when needed
  • Purchase 2nd hand equipment and machinery where possible and buy "built to last" equipment - our Festool Sander is over 20 years old. 
  • Purchase carbon neutral office paper products where possible and recycle used paper into message pads or shred and compost
  • Dispose of e-waste at authorised recycling centres
  • Compost kitchen waste and keep a small veggie patch out the front for work lunches
We are always on the look out for more ways to improve our efforts so please let us know if you come across any products or clever ideas.

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