Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Mural - Dunnes Lane Coburg

This Mural in  Dunnes Lane, Coburg is the result of a collaboration between Moreland City Council and the Coburg Traders Association. The recent upgrade to the lane delivered by Moreland was seen as an opportunity to achieve one of the Association’s objectives to  “refresh and add more life and colour to Coburg”, through “small scale public art”. The Graphic Installation was co-funded and delivered by us at Vital Signs. The artwork was prepared by Sarah Borg and utilises the ‘Colours of Coburg’ palette selected by the trader’s association. Our brief was to paint the graphic design presented to us by Sarah onto a textured brick wall at 9m x 33m so we put together a team of 4 traditional signwriters and then spent a week hand painting the design. We think the job looks great and  believe it definitely meets the objectives. Here is the response from Sarah :"I have heard lots of lovely complimentary comments about the work. Vital Signs did a great job. We are very happy with the service".  


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