Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Film and TV

A substantial amount of the work we do at Vital Signs is in the Film and Television industries. The work ranges from period and contemporary street and store signage to decals on vintage cassette tape players and instrument panels. In fact the range is huge. We even re-signed an area of Collins Street in Melbourne to look like a street in Paris!
Unfortunately, we cant tell you about all the current stuff we are working on (we'll let you know after the work has been released - or an official site is available) but we can tell you that this past year we have worked on the following TV programs and Films - click on the name of each production to go to a link to get a preview or watch the show and look out for our signs!
And this is just to name a few! 
We also do signage for advertisements which include well known brands such as ANZ Bank, Boags draft, Target, Masterchef, Coles and Dulux.

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